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Entertainment Options at Brookhaven Assisted Living Facilities

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

It is a common misconception that moving mom or dad into assisted living facilities means that life is over as they know it. This is often the reason why senior citizens are hesitant to make the move into an assisted living home. They fear that the life they know is over. The independence, the peace and quiet, the entertainment, the socialization, and more. At Brookhaven Assisted Living, our residents are not meant to just sit, eat, and play bingo all day. We understand that keeping their minds and bodies active at an appropriate level will only increase their longevity and health. There have been times when residents' quality of life has improved so greatly by moving into our home, that they are able to move out and return home to their spouse. Below are some ways that we improve the quality of life for our residents.

Getting to Know Our Residents

Upon moving into our residential assisted living facilities, we will get to know our new residents’ interests including favorite foods, activities, shows, sports, books, and hobbies. It is important that our managers and caregivers know the likes and dislikes of our residents. It is our goal to provide them with the utmost care and attention to detail. Getting to know our residents allows us to provide them with the best care possible.

For example, one of our residents is an avid painter and enjoys acrylic painting any chance she gets. She loves to collect rocks from the landscape around the yard and paint them with great detail and intricacy. The owners of Brookhaven, Cole and Erin, took it upon themselves to hire a paint teacher to make visits to the property for private painting lessons. The paint teacher provides the supplies and the resident simply gets to enjoy it. If a specific resident has a request for an activity that is not already on-going at Brookhaven, the owners are happy to oblige and find someone to come into the home to cultivate the activity or entertainment. This is all at zero cost to the resident.

Options for Learning at Assisted Living Facilities

Lifelong learning and growing is crucial to enjoying life to its fullest. Workshops, classes, and private lessons can all make up learning opportunities at assisted living homes. Some of the learning opportunities at Brookhaven include painting and woodworking, health or educational instruction, brook clubs, and computer or language classes. If residents do not have prior experience in the activity, that is fine. National Public Radio reports that neuroscientists at the University of Texas at Dallas conducted a study that found that seniors who took on a new mentally challenging hobby saw a lasting increase in their memory skills.

Physical Activities at Brookhaven

Each day, our caregivers make it a goal to get residents out of bed and physically moving. Sometimes this can be as simple as a few laps around the paved walkway in the backyard. The caregivers tailor physical activities to each resident to meet their needs, while also encouraging health. It is common for elderly residents to become sedentary, as it is a level of comfort. However, a sedentary life is not always the healthiest. With the help and instruction from doctors, caregivers at assisted living facilities provide each resident with physical abilities according to their capabilities. Activities for physical interaction may include dancing, walking, riding a stationary bike, or senior yoga.

Entertainment at Residential Care Homes

The show must go on! Who doesn’t love some live entertainment to get a smile on their face? And better yet, the residents do not need to travel outside of the home. Stand-up comedians, vocalists, choirs, guitar players, visits from service animals, and more have all visited and graced the presence of our residents at Brookhaven. It is incredible to see the light in the residents’ eyes as the vocalists sing songs from back when they were in their prime. It jogs special memories and helps our residents recall moments in time that were meaningful to them. To hear the stories that come from their mouths following the recollection of a long lost memory is something to behold.

Special Events

Who says you are too old to celebrate a birthday? At Brookhaven, no birthday goes un-celebrated or unnoticed. Each year of life is a gift that needs to be appreciated and celebrated at our assisted living facilities. We have party decorations and supplies on hand so that when a birthday is approaching, a proper celebration is planned and in order. We make the guest of honor’s favorite meal for dinner, have a birthday cake, candles, and the Happy Birthday song sung to make them feel loved on their special day. Whether your extended family lives near or far, at Brookhaven, you are treated like family. That is why we make the extra effort to make each resident feel loved and important.

Why You Can Trust Brookhaven Assisted Living Facilities with your Loved One

At Brookhaven Assisted Living, our certified caregivers are expertly trained and love what they do. It is their passion in life to care for the elderly. That is why they do what they do. They love their job and the residents love them back. It is a win-win situation. Our prepared home cooked meals are nutritious, we take special requests into account, and assist with feeding when needed. Each caregiver has a food handlers license with the Arizona Department of Health Services so that residents know that their food is safely handled and prepared. Our managers and owners are always available to listen to any concerns about the residents and make quick accommodations to improve any situation, where applicable. Searching for assisted living facilities for your loved one? Contact us today at (623)349-7510.

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