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How Assisted Living Surprise AZ Homes Can Help You

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Getting older is the inevitable part of life. Whether it is your spouse, mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather, you want the best care that money can provide in assisted living Surprise, AZ. Many children or grandchildren take this task upon themselves. They want to make certain that their loved ones are getting high quality care, and who better than yourself to ensure that is happening?

However, the reality of the situation is that not all spouses, children or grandchildren can quit their day jobs and become the designated caregiver. Better yet, many people do not have the skill set or knowledge to know how to care for loved ones. When my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia and eventually Alzheimer’s, the responsibility fell upon my grandfather. He felt a responsibility to care for her. As most spouses do. However, he was nearing 80 years old when his wife was first diagnosed, and becoming his wife’s caretaker was taking a toll on him. He eventually became unable to provide her the care that she needed. A part-time caregiver was then hired to come into the home. It worked out for a good amount of time, but after a few months, the reality set in. It was time to get full-time care. The full-time care lasted for a little bit longer, but eventually my grandfather knew it was time to move his wife into an assisted living Surprise, AZ home. Understanding that you or a full-time caregiver cannot provide the care needed for your loved one is acceptable. It is okay. Not everyone is designed to provide this type of care. That is why there are professionals in the industry with the training, licensing, certifications, and experience that can provide the care needed.

Having the Difficult Conversation

One of the most difficult parts about finally deciding to seek out assisted living is telling the person in need of care that it is time to consider moving out of their own home and into an assisted living facility. No senior citizen wants to give up their independence, their own space, their vehicle, their food, or the life to which they have become accustomed to over the past 60 years.

Approach the conversation delicately. Understand that the person in need of assisted living may be resistant to the conversation, perhaps in denial. The conversation may not end well, and that is okay. Let it be. You can revisit the conversation regarding assisted living Surprise, AZ at a later date. Keep in mind, that even after a few weeks or months, the conversation still will not be an easy one. However, at least it will not be a complete shock to the senior in need. Help them understand that assisted living facilities provide many benefits, aside from care, including socialization, engaging activities, nutritional meals, and company. They are not out to take away independence. They encourage independence, but facilitate the care that is needed.

Moving Into Assisted Living Surprise, AZ

Where You Live Matters reports that one in five adults who are 85 years and older in the United States report that they need or currently have assistance with their daily living. The need for assisted living does not have the same meaning as a nursing home. Nursing homes employ skilled nurses who are licensed and generally accommodate seniors or residents who need advanced medical attention on the daily basis. Assisted living Surprise, AZ still offers the ability for residents to be independent. At Brookhaven Assisted Living, residents live in a single family home. It feels like a home, not a nursing facility or “big box” community. It has multiple bedrooms, a few bathrooms, a living and eating area, kitchen, covered patio, and walking path in the backyard. It is filled with a tight-knit group of seniors who can socialize, engage in activities (physical and intellectual), and provide caregivers with information about their personal likes and dislikes. Our caretakers know these residents individually and accommodate them on requests such as favorite meals, hobbies, supplies for crafts or activities, and more. They are certified and qualified, provide a nurturing atmosphere, and love their jobs.

Prior to moving into an assisted living home, an assessment will be completed by our on-site assisted living manager. This is in compliance with Arizona state regulations. An individualized service plan is created to meet the needs of each resident. The assessment determines the level of assistance a resident will need once moving into our assisted living Surprise, AZ home. It also helps caretakers know exactly what a resident needs, so that nothing slips through the cracks. Depending on the level of care, services plans are updated as often as every three months and as long as every twelve months.

What Do Assisted Living Communities Help With?

The most common services that are provided in assisted living communities include medication management, bathroom assistance, help getting dressed or bathed, and feeding. It also includes housekeeping and cleaning, laundry, healthy meal preparation and snacks, social activities, and mental engagement. Research from the National Center for Assisted Living shows that the most common needs amongst seniors include bathing (64%), walking (57%), dressing (48%), toileting (40%), bed transfer (29%), and eating (19%). These are the primary reasons that seniors move into assisted living facilities. Caretakers are available 24/7 to assist with safety and health of these activities.

While our assisted living Surprise, AZ community provides furniture in each of the bedrooms consisting of beds, bedding, night stands, wardrobes, and a bell to ring if assistance is needed, residents are welcome and encouraged to bring items from their home to help them feel more at home in their new assisted living space.

Why You Can Trust Brookhaven Assisted Living

At Brookhaven Assisted Living, our caretakers provide care 24 hours a day. Our facility is licensed with the state and in good standing. Our individual caretakers and managers have the proper certifications, licensing, training, and experience to provide exceptional care to your loved one. Are you considering assisted living Surprise AZ care for you or your loved one? Contact Brookhaven Assisted Living at (623)349-7510. Our assisted living home is located at 15358 W Post Circle, Surprise, AZ 85374. Contact us today.

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