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How Board and Care Homes in Surprise AZ Screen Residents

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

When adult children or spouses of seniors call Brookhaven Assisted Living Board and Care in Surprise AZ, they can expect to speak directly with the owner of the property. We do this to ensure that our residents get the most informative and accurate information about our assisted living home. At Brookhaven, we treat each resident like family. We get to know them, their likes and dislikes, and treat them with grace and patience. Upon calling Brookhaven Assisted Living, please be prepared to answer the following questions so that we can give you an accurate free quote and consultation.

Callers Information

It is important that we first obtain the information from the caller such as their name, phone number, and email address. Usually the current caretaker, adult child, power of attorney, or spouse makes the phone call to board and care homes. We need this point of contact so that we can communicate needs and information to the appropriate person when information needs to be relayed. Often the actual resident that plans to move into Brookhaven Assisted Living is unable to answer all of the questions needed in order to move him or her into the home.

Senior Needs

Next, we discuss the senior who is in need of assisted living. We want to know their name, age, diagnosis, height, weight, ADLs, needs or expectations, and budget. It is critical to know the diagnosis of the resident in need of assisted living so that we can determine if our staff is capable, trained, and certified to give proper care to each resident. We also need to make certain that assisted living is the appropriate level of care for each resident. Some residents require more critical care which can only be provided through a nursing home. Our experienced caregivers and licensed manager have extensive knowledge when it comes to helping seniors and treating them accordingly. We try to obtain as much information as possible about the person requiring care so that we can accurately serve them and have certain items in order by the time they move into our board and care home.

Activities of Daily Living

Knowing the height and weight of each resident helps us to know if they would need multiple caregivers or even a lift or hoist to assist them when transferring from bed to chair or vice versa. We ask about the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) to better understand the level of care needed. We need to know what the resident is needing assistance with. It could consist of help going to and from the bathroom, bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, walking, fall risk, or more. Knowing additional diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s or Sundowners, helps us better understand how to help a resident through our rigorous caretaker training programs. If a resident is overweight, we do have a hoist and lift that is able to be used to help residents transfer from laying to standing position.

Night Shift Care Needs at a Board and Care

Depending on a diagnosis, night shift caregivers may be needed. If a resident struggles to sleep at night due to their neurological state and is also considered a fall risk due to trying to get up out of bed and go to the bathroom, then it would be recommended that they have night staff. Unfortunately, one of the conditions that often accompanies Alzheimer’s or Sundowner’s is sleeplessness and aggression. This can cause an Alzheimer’s patient to bang against the wall in the middle of the night or yell and holler out. Without night staff, this can be disruptive to other residents and to our day staff caregivers who live and sleep in the home. Night shift caregivers are also licensed and certified, and can assist with any needs during the night time hours.

Expectations of Care

It is important that we understand the care expectations that the family members have. Do they want the resident to be involved in activities, including physical activity, or do they prefer to let their loved one relax and rest. Most seniors prefer a relaxing lifestyle, though we do offer activities at our board and care for those who would like to participate. Some of these activities include exercise, painting lessons, musical entertainment, going on short walks, and more. We want to make sure that we keep our residents happy and healthy, and that we can also accommodate the expectations of care that the family members have.

Service Animals vs. Pets

Many seniors have companion animals and inquire as to whether or not we allow them in the home. We do allow service animals under a 35 pound weight limit. Service animals must be trained to use the backyard when going to the bathroom or a litter box. We do require our residents to please clean up after their pet, if physically able.

What is the Budget?

It is no secret that assisted living or any type of long term care is expensive. At Brookhaven Assisted Living Board and Care, we provide our residents with the option of a private or semi-private room. The level of care needed also depends on the monthly amount that is charged. A resident who is sleepless and requires a lot of assistance and care will have a higher monthly payment for board and care than a resident who sleeps well at night and is merely there for personal care services instead of full on assisted living. Depending on the targeted move-in date, we do prorate the monthly charge for service.

Why You Need Brookhaven Assisted Living

If you are in the market for assisted living or board and care for your loved one, you can rest assured knowing that they are in the best hands that Surprise AZ has to offer when it comes to caring for seniors. Our caregivers are passionate about their jobs, patient with our residents, and knowledgeable about all health issues and diagnoses.

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