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Maintain healthy relationships throughout your life with Assisted Living Services in Surprise, AZ

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Moving mom or dad into an assisted living home can make them feel distanced. Now instead of visiting them at home, you are visiting a facility with workers who don’t you or your loved one. At Brookhaven Assisted Living, our small residential home allows residents to build relationships and connections with other residents, as well as our caregivers. In turn, because our home is relatively small in comparison to other assisted living facilities that house 300 - 400 residents, our caregivers know the family members personally and get to know them when they come to visit. Just because your loved one has relocated into an assisted living facility, does not mean that their familial relationships need to suffer.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing assisted living services Surprise, AZ, determine a location that is near your house or work. It could also be a location that you pass by often, either on your way to the office, on your way home, or while out running errands. You are much more likely to visit your mom or dad if they are located near you. Residents of assisted living facilities do have constant company through caregivers and other residents, however, visits from loved ones and family members are extra special. A location near mom or dad’s current house is also a good option, as they can live with life-long friends in an assisted living home in the same neighborhood as where they have always lived. That is why Brookhaven Assisted Living is located within a community. At the Orchards Community, residents can be surrounded by family and friends in the same neighborhood.

Engaging Activities

Another aspect of maintaining healthy relationships is to keep residents engaged in activities. Our caregivers are advocates in assisted living services Surprise, AZ, by encouraging residents and helping them stay active and engaged in activities. Some of these activities include a walk around the enclosed backyard along a paved pathway, visiting and talking while enjoying a meal, playing a game, watching a movie together, painting, or listening to music. We welcome family members and friends of our residents to come and enjoy these activities with their loved one. Sometimes it is as simple as just providing them with company and a listening ear. Many residents enjoy listening to music or even dancing to music that was popular back when they were in their prime. Book reading can be very relaxing, including reading journals or family history about your mom or dad. Watch the light come back into their eyes as a story from long ago jogs their memory. We also allow family members or friends to “check out” a resident and take them somewhere. Recently a family member took one of our residents out to listen to music and go dancing. It was a wonderful experience for both our resident and their family member.

Meal Time

At Brookhaven Assisted Living services Surprise, AZ, we always have an extra serving of food for a guest to enjoy with their loved one. Meal time can be a wonderful time for talking and bonding with your loved one. If you would rather take your family member out to eat for a special outing or meal, that can be arranged and we can have your family member ready for the time that you would like to pick them up.

How Assisted Living Services Surprise, AZ Can Help You Stay Connected

Keeping or re-establishing a meaningful relationship with the ones we love can be a life-changing experience. At Brookhaven Assisted Living, we believe the quality of life is equally important to the quantity of life. That is why we make the extra effort to take the time to get to know our residents and make sure they know that they are loved and cared for. Our caregiver to resident ratio is 1 caregiver to 3-5 residents. Never more than 5 residents to 1 caregiver. This provides our residents with exceptional service and time with the caregiver. We welcome family members and friends to come and visit our facility and their loved one.

Are you looking for assisted living services in Surprise, AZ? Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your loved one.

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