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Types of Senior Living in Surprise AZ

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

It is that time in life when the tough decisions need to be made. Mom or dad needs more help than you are able to provide. The visiting caregiver just isn’t enough anymore and they need 24/7 round the clock care and attention from a licensed and certified caregiver. Look no further than senior living Surprise AZ at Brookhaven Assisted Living. At Brookhaven, we operate out of a residential home, so it feels like a home when you enter. Sit back and relax as our loving caretakers take care of you. We offer Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care.

Assisted Living in Surprise, AZ

Our assisted living facility in Surprise, AZ, gives residents the opportunity to feel independent, while also having the company of friends and safety of a licensed caregiver. Our 24/7 caregivers give hands on assistance with daily tasks including bathroom assistance, bathing, dressing, medication management, feeding, and providing them with company and appropriate activities for their physical abilities. Each resident has a personalized care plan that specifies what they need assistance with and how often. Depending on the care level, these service plans or care plans are updated in accordance with state guidelines. Our senior living Surprise AZ home also has on-call doctors and nurses that can see the residents in the home as needed. A registered nurse updates the care plans according to the resident’s abilities, so that residents can stay at our home as their needs shift and grow.

Memory Care Services at Brookhaven Assisted Living

We understand that those with memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s may have difficulty knowing where they are, how they go there, or where they are going. Our secure environment provides a place of safety and peace for these residents. Our home provides residents with both private rooms or semi-private rooms, depending on your budget. Daily activities are designed to be stimulating and supportive of those needing memory care. The backyard at Brookhaven Assisted Living features an enclosed private patio, shaded sitting areas under trees, beautiful lush landscape, a paved walking path, and the ever-so-friendly passers-by such as bunnies and birds. Music can be very beneficial to residents with memory loss or Alzheimer’s in senior living Surprise AZ homes. It has been incredible to see some of our residents perk up when they hear music from back when they were in their prime. The feet or hands start tapping and a smile slowly starts to form on their face. It is a joy to see some light come back into their eyes as we play music in the home. We make it a goal to focus on what these residents can do and can enjoy, instead of what they cannot do. This provides our residents with comfort, joy, and a safe haven to live.

Respite Care Services in Surprise, AZ

Not all residents must stay in assisted living until their time on earth ends. We know that some residents might just need a short term stay at our facility and we are happy to provide them with the care and necessities that are needed to make their stay comfortable. Help Guide describes respite care as temporary relief for the sick, aging, or disabled family member. Whether your loved one is getting released from the hospital after a surgery, or a currently visiting caregiver needs a break for a short time, we are here to serve you. Our senior living Surprise AZ property comes equipped with bedding, towels, furniture and all of the comforts of home. Though residents are welcome and encouraged to bring items from home to make their stay more enjoyable. During your time at our home, you will experience the joys and perks of a permanent resident, without the commitment of one.

Why You Can Trust Brookhaven Assisted Living

At Brookhaven Assisted Living, we know how difficult it is to hand your loved one over to someone else’s care. Will they take the best care of your loved one? How will you know if your loved one is getting the care and attention that you expect them to get? Rest assured that mom or dad will get the care that you want them to have. Our resident to caregiver ratio is the best in the industry. Most senior living Surprise AZ facilities have one caregiver to 15 residents. But at Brookhaven, residents and their families can expect one caregiver to three or five residents. This allows residents to have the time and attention that they deserve from caregivers. It is now their turn to sit back and relax. We know that they have worked hard their entire lives and now it is our turn to work for them.

Are you or a loved one in need of assisted living, direct care, memory care, or respite care in Surprise, AZ? Don’t delay. Nearly all of our residents and their family members say they wish they would have moved in sooner. Contact Brookhaven Assisted Living in Surprise, AZ today. Call (623)349-7510. You won’t regret it.

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