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What Board and Care in Surprise AZ Offers

Families start looking for extra help for their loved ones when they are unable to provide the help themselves. We understand, you want to help and be there for your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather, but life circumstances do not always allow that. That is where board and care Surprise AZ homes into play. However, many people do not know or understand exactly what they have to offer. If you are trying to determine if an assisted living home is the right move for you and your loved one, here is some information that will help you make an educated decision.

What Families Should Know About Board and Care Surprise AZ Homes

1. Residents are free to set their own schedules

One of the most common hesitancies that we encounter when speaking with seniors is their fear of losing their independence. They fear that moving into an assisted living home will prevent them from freedom to do what they want to do and when they want to do it. However, residents of assisted living homes have the flexibility and freedom to come and go as they please. If they want to go run an errand, have a lunch date with their spouse or family member, go out to a bar, or take a peaceful walk through the park, they are more than welcome to do so. If they enjoy staying at the board and care Surprise AZ home, they are free to participate in as many or as few enriching activities as they choose.

2. Private suites are standard

Many seniors worry that moving into an assisted living home means they lose their privacy. At Brookhaven Assisted Living, we offer private rooms and semi-private rooms. Residents are free to choose which option best suits them and their budget. If residents do choose to have a private room, there are still plenty of opportunities for residents to enjoy the companionship of the other residents. This includes participating in activities, having meals together, and more.

3. Wellness programs and daily activities

Another myth about senior housing communities is that there isn’t much to do beyond playing card games and bingo. It’s true that you’ll likely find a competitive game of cards or a spirited round of bingo happening in the common area, but there are many more activities and events to participate in as well. Unfortunately, Covid regulations have cut into the amount of activities that board and care Surprise AZ homes are able to host, but we hope to return to our schedule of having multiple entertainers weekly. Some of these activities include art classes, musical events, movie nights, religious services, and wellness programs on a daily or weekly basis.

4. Monthly fees include utilities, meals, and more

Assisted living communities are a good value. At Brookhaven Assisted Living, the monthly fee includes a wide variety of benefits, services, and amenities. There are a few standard features common across the senior living industry. These include utilities, cable, internet, housekeeping, laundry, life-enrichment activities, wellness programs, meals and snacks, and a private apartment or suite. Fees increase based upon the services required for each individual. An individual who only requires assisted living will have a less expensive monthly fee than an individual who requires 24/7 direct care.

5. Pets are welcome

At Brookhaven Assisted Living, we know that pets are family members too. There is an increasing number of board and care Surprise AZ communities that happily welcome pets. Discuss with the staff at any community that you are considering to determine if there are size and weight restrictions regarding pets. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a service animal and a pet. Communities cannot discriminate against service animals and these residents are protected under Fair Housing Laws.

Brookhaven Assisted Living Board and Care Surprise AZ

The best way to learn more about assisted living is by scheduling a private tour of a community near you. At Brookhaven, we feel confident that you will love our community. We have excellent resident to caregiver ratios, home cooked nutritious meals, activities, beautiful decor, and a clean inviting environment. We also offer competititve and affordable rates. Call us today at (623) 349-7510 to set up a time to visit and have all of your questions answered. You can also visit us at Brookhaven Assisted Living.

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